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Juklislab is a small company with more than a decade of chemical knowledge. Our focus is on the creation of new molecules and the study of these materials, all within the legal boundaries of the EU and its countries. Many of these chemicals have been introduced to the market by ourselves. They are designed for a laboratory,
for scientific and industrial use only and may be dangerous if misused.

None of our products are intended for human consumption. You must be 18 years old to order.


Additional information

To discuss lower prices over 5 kg, please visit our group partner site schengenlab.com

Current legislation

All products must be legal in the country of destination. We maintain a database of laws covering many EU countries. It is displayed in the form of a red / green map of each product site or the link below. However,
it is the client's responsibility to conduct the necessary research with respect to local laws, as our research may be inaccurate.

map of legal status


We accept bitcoins and bank transfers.

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In case you want to receive additional information about our company or our products,
contact us by email provided below CONTACT.

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