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The IUPAC of 3MMC is "2- (methylamino) -1- (3-methylphenyl) propan-1-one", its CAS number is 1246816-62-5.

Chemical structure of 3MMC


This product must be legal in the country of destination, otherwise we will not accept the order. It is the client's responsibility to conduct the necessary research regarding local laws. Below you will find a map that shows how we see the current situation regarding the legality of 3mmc. Our study of the law concluded that 3mmc is unregulated in the Netherlands,
Spain, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Greece.
If you believe this information is incorrect, please email us with legal texts. We send only to green areas. We are sure that 3mmc is forbidden in the red zones. We do not know about the gray / brown areas. If you want a shipment to such a country, please provide us with your local legal texts,
and we will change the color to green after a positive test.

legal info map for our product 3MMC, green are countries with no ban, red with ban, gray is unknown

Red color - Forbidden. We do not send 3MMC there
Green color - Legal. We send 3MMC there
Grey colour -Unknown. Send us an email before ordering

Description of the product

3MMC is a member of a group known as substituted cathinones, a subcategory of amphetamines, all of which are derivatives of the major active ingredient in the catulla edullis plant in East Africa. 3-MMC first became available on the online market for chemical research shortly after the ban on mephedrone.
This is a prominent example of a modern design drug specifically chosen to mimic and / or replace the functional and structural characteristics of its recently controlled predecessors.

Using 3MMC

Patent WO / 2019/026019 by Golan Ezekiel describes methods of drug psychotherapy with cathinones, in particular methods using 3-
methyl metcatinone (3-MMC). In particular, methods and kits for drug-assisted psychotherapy with 3-MMC are provided for various disorders and / or conditions, including PTSD, GAD and connection distress.


Studies in animals (pigs) show rapid absorption with a peak concentration achieved within 5-
10 minutes after oral ingestion (3 mg / kg) and a plasma half-life of 0.8 hours. The oral bioavailability is 7% (which is the same as that reported for mephedrone), and the authors suggest that 3-MMC may have undergone extensive first-pass metabolism.


We make 3MMC in our own lab, see image below.
It has a purity above 99%. Please keep sealed, or the crystals may turn brown after a while. For long-term storage, maintain at -20 degrees. The shelf life is 7 years.

Image from our product 3MMC-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab

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I just received a package, this is my second order and as always the quality and service are some of the best. Thanks for the extra grams and samples !!! We look forward to ordering as soon as possible.

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