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Mefhedrene's IUPAC is "methyl [1- (5-methylthiophen-2-yl) propan-2-yl] amine, its CAS number is 1340105-79-4.

Chemical structure of Mephedrene



This product must be legal in the country of destination, otherwise we will not accept the order. It is the client's responsibility to conduct the necessary research regarding local laws. Below you will find a map that shows how we see the current situation regarding the legality of mephedrene. Our legal study concluded that mephedrene is not regulated in France, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg. , Republic of Serbia, Norway, Slovenia, Romania.
If you believe this information is incorrect, please email us with legal texts. We send only to green areas. We are sure that mephedrene is banned in the red zones. We do not know about the gray / brown areas. If you want a shipment to such a country, please provide us with your local legal texts and we will change the color to green after a positive check.

legal info map for our product Mephedrene, green are countries with no ban, red with ban, gray is unknown

Red color - Forbidden. We do not send Mephedrene there

Green color - Legal. We send Mefhedrene there

Grey colour - Unknown. Send us an email before ordering


Description of the product

Mephedrene is new and has not been studied and there are only a few reports of online travel.

Three reports

Mephedrene from Drugs

The first time I tried to inhale it, but it hurt me too much and nothing happened, so today I put some on my wine and a big lump fell and after about an hour he started kicking her and JESUS! It's amazing, it simulates ecstasy, but I have less gnashing of teeth and a little headache, but otherwise it's amazing.

Tried 5-MMPA today from researchchemicals

I tried 5-MMPA today

Since some providers already have 5-MMPA in stock and the fact that it is still legal in some countries where cathinones and amphetamines are already illegal, I was curious. So, I ordered a 2g clean network and waited for it to arrive.

Today I did my first test.

12.30: lunch.

13:00: Weigh 25 mg of 5-MMPA and take orally in a capsule. Some debris placed under the curtain. The taste is not bad and the substance gave an energizing buzz to the gums.

13:30: I recognized the first effects, similar to a very low dose of amphetamine. However, they did not become much stronger. It feels like a good portion of caffeine without nerves.

14:00: I inhaled another ~ 20 mg to see what the substance is capable of. Slight burn, but not bad. After 2 sprays of salt water nasal spray, the burning disappeared. The boost is recognizable and feels almost the same as amphetamine - but much weaker.

It is now 2.15 pm And the boost of the substance is definitely there and it feels very smooth. The dopaminergic effects outweigh the norepinephrine effects.

EDIT: I insufflated another 20 mg at 15:00 with few and only short-term effects. Insufflation is definitely not a big ROA. Next time I will try 50 mg orally as a starting dose.

Generally an interesting substance for work, play or learning. I think it's too weak for a party or rave setting.

Mephedrene review (5MMPA) from researchchemicals

Tl, dr: Subtle euphoria and stimulation, as small doses 4 mmc, but more than the background. Takes small doses approx. 50-80mg nasally and with a parachute about 120mg.

I ordered 1g of the new 5MMPA (5-methyl-methiopropamine) powder "4mmc substitute".

After an allergy test, I took small swellings of 50 mg to test the dose because I did not find anything about dosing online.

I felt some euphoria for about 20 minutes and did it every hour or so anyway it never exceeded about 80 mg of nasal bruises. Euphoria was never predominant, so I parachuted about 100 mg and took another blow after about 1 hour.

I saw a few friends to whom I shared a few bumps, they all took 4 mmc several times and the only one who found it well was a friend who did 4 mmc only once.

My friends stopped taking swellings, because the burning was too intense for them. A bit like 4mmc, but more like needles than the normal 4mmc, but anyway, I'm fine, I did the rest and jumped with a parachute again about 120 mg.

Feeding is not such a problem as with other katas or amphis, but it is still difficult with dry things, so the water should be there.

I ended the day with some GBL that came in handy with him.

The next day was fine, it was a bit ruined, but I think it's more because of a little sleep.

I'm trying mephedrene (5-MMPA) If i die RIP from researchchemicals

I'm trying mephedrene (5-MMPA) if I die RIP

Seriously a good friend gave me 42 mg of 5-MMPA, I snorted like 6 mg 30 minutes ago,

I have no tolerance to stim (or very little tolerance to dopamine)

The product looks powerful, I felt 6 mg and will take a larger dose.

It was great, but I would prefer to take some good cathinone like 3 mmc / nep than this, maybe they need higher doses, I don't know I only have 43 mg.

Whoops, maybe I said that anyway, this product is very good and powerful, a lot of dopamine, I feel a little serotonin

I just snorted, lasted a few hours, smoked weed / hash after that and slept without a problem.

Image from our product Mephedrene-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab

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